A beginning

I’m a brand new quilter, and I’ve decided to set up a blog to document my progress as I learn more about this craft. I’ve been a knitter for several years now, and there are times when I’d love to look back on old projects to see how far I’ve come, or to remember how I did something. This space will probably mostly be about quilting and sewing, with the odd knitting project thrown in for good measure.

I’ve theoretically known how to sew for quite some time, but never actually done much sewing. A recent combination of tendinitis (reduced knitting time) and some extra time on my hands left me at a loose end, so I decided to give quilting a shot. I went to my local fabric store and the next thing I knew, I had a basket of gorgeous orange fabrics to make a quilt for my (super king-sized) bed. A short while later, I came to my senses and thought starting a little smaller would be a good idea! I’m in the process of making my first (baby-sized) quilt, which I’ll share later, warts and all!