No-Reply Blogging – OpenID and Blogger

What is a no-reply blogger? A no-reply blogger is someone who doesn’t leave an email address in a comment. Not always a big deal, as long as you know that’s what’s happening. I didn’t realise I was no-reply, and was merrily leaving comments on blogs and giveaways without realising there wasn’t an easy way to get back to me.

There’s a great tutorial here from Pleasant Home about fixing the no-reply blogger problem for the Blogger platform. But that’s not the problem I had. You see, I blog at I was using their OpenID authentication to leave comments at places like Blogger. And it turns out that Blogger doesn’t play nice with OpenID. I assumed that OpenID would leave my email address, as well as my name and blog address. Guess what? It didn’t!

It turns out there isn’t a direct solution to this. Google, as part of their quest for world domination, doesn’t appear to be interested in working with OpenID. So there are just two solutions I’ve found for this problem:

1. Leave an email address in my comments on Blogger. This relies on me remembering to do that, so not an optimal solution.

2. Make a Blogger account. This is what I ended up doing. You can see how I set my profile up here. I used the instructions from Pleasant Home (linked above) to make sure my email address was visible, and I set up a link to my blog. It’s not the most elegant solution, but it works and it will have to do until Google decide they want to play nicely with the rest of the internet.

I hope this helps another OpenID user leaving comments on Blogger blogs. Linking this up with Plum and June’s excellent advice series, Let’s Figure It Out Together! on their Let’s Get Acquainted blog hop.

Plum and June