A cautionary tale

I’ve often joked that if all else fails, I can at least serve as a warning to others. So here is my quilty cautionary tale of woe, much of which would have been avoided by listening to my gut right at the start.

I decided to sash my Kona Modern Quilts blocks individually, because I was worried about getting it all lined up and square with long lengths of sashing (ha! the irony!). I got the first strip of sashing sewn on, and my blocks looked like this:

(The top isn’t really wonky, it’s just the picture. The bottom, however, is). I contemplated trimming the sashing back to the edge of the main block, but thought better of it. Here’s what that overhang looked like close up:

“I’m sure I can fudge the seam allowance when I sew the next sashing strip on,” I thought. “It’ll be fine!”

Which is how I ended up with 77 seams that looked like this. So far, so reasonable. I got a bit cocky, thought I could wing it, failed. This is recoverable. But, you see, I was lazy. I decided I didn’t want to rip and re-sew 77 seams. I would just plough on. I could fudge it, it would all come out in the wash…

(It really is this wonky, it’s not just the picture). Which is how I ended up with blocks that look like this (these are edge blocks, hence missing a strip of sashing. All the middle blocks are like this too). At this point, the best I can hope for is ‘endearingly wonky’. Perhaps even ‘deliberately wonky in a modern sort of way’, given the fabric. I’m really hoping this doesn’t finish up looking like it was made by a four year old. Ooops!

In other news, I’d originally planned to make one big quilt from these, for a teen-ish boy. I thought they weren’t quite baby quilt colours. But now they’re coming together, they’re actually much brighter than I thought, and those pastel blue squares with the little circles really stand out. I have enough blocks to make two baby quilts, so I think that’s what I’ll end up doing. Here’s the original layout:

But that’s all for a fortnight. I’m off on my hols (finally!), spending the next two weeks looking at views not unlike this, eating lots of delicious French cheese and drinking delicious French wine. Can’t wait!


Linking up with Confessions of a Fabric Addict for a holiday whoop whoop!

2 thoughts on “A cautionary tale

  1. your story sounds so much like what goes on in my sewing room all the time. I find it hard to carve out sewing time, so I really hate to spend it ripping seams. I’m trying to be better about it, though, and have noticed an improvement in my piecing. I love how you are using these fabrics 🙂

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