Have you ever wondered…

… just how many scraps you can stuff into a flat-rate USPS box?

This many! Thank you, Laura Ann at Fuzzy Hat Quilter! I see a happy afternoon with the iron and cutting board in my future, turning that glorious pile into a rainbow of squares and strips for my scrap box 🙂

Sewing has been slow. It turns out this pesky ‘job’ thing is a real timesink. Who knew? I was away for work last week, and I knit when I travel, so just a very little progress to show on the Kona Modern Quilts quilt:

It took me an hour to press all those seams! An hour! I’ve got them all pinned again (that’s my pinning station, aka ironing board), ready to chain chain chain again tomorrow. Then I can start carefully crafting my ‘random’ square layout.

In other exciting news, I’ve signed up for my very first swap:

I Love Kona Charm Swap at Pile O' Fabric

Alyssa over at Pile o’Fabric is running the I Love Kona swap again, and I was lucky enough to snag a spot. All those gorgeous solids! I’m thinking a bow tie quilt, maybe…

Linking up with Plum and June’s Let’s Get Acquainted Monday Linkup, and SewHappyGeek’s Manic Monday linky party.

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