A little progress

I did, indeed, get my sashing cut for the Kona Modern Quilts quilt. I decided to cut sashing for each individual square, rather than using long strips. I was concerned I’d end up with squares out of alignment, from stretching or just plain inattention, if I used long strips of sashing. So then I spent what felt like all weekend pinning at my ironing board pinning station:

And today, lots of sewing. Very meditative, chaining piece after piece after piece…

I cut them apart this evening and stacked them all up (no pics, it’s dark), ready to press 88 seams and sew another piecing of sashing on the next side (tomorrow? Perhaps). And lo, I felt better for making tangible progress with something.

Happy mail never hurts, either 🙂 I got these pretty pretties in the mail from Miss Beau Jangles today, from the recent Back to School blog hop. The boyish quilt I’m making right now is from winnings, and is going to Project Linus, so I think these girlish fabrics will go with some others I have in the stash for another Linus quilt 🙂

Linking up with Manic Monday over at Sew Happy Geek.

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