Squares within squares

Or rectangles, more precisely. It’s been a week of them. I’m quilting away at my placemats. Thank goodness there are only 6 of them – I think doing the same thing more than 6 times in a row is my limit for going bonkers!

I’ve done all the middles, with 3 concentric rectangles. They’ve turned out pretty nicely. Half of the mats have a red back, and half have a gold back, so I used bobbin thread to match the back. It worked better than I feared – not too much show-through on the front at all!

Next are the gold borders. I was toying with the idea of FMQ some swirls, but I’ve never done FMQ before and I’ll be staring at these mats every day, every mealtime. I’d rather save my first wonky stitches for something I’ll be scrutinising less often! Instead, just one rectangle, at a different spacing to the centre, matching threads to front and back again. I’ll have that done this week, but they probably won’t be bound, because tomorrow is my first day back at work! Exciting ๐Ÿ™‚

In other rectangular news, I also whipped up a batch of ‘reusable kitchen roll’. I cut squares from old t-shirts and zig-zagged the edges. Voila, small, light cloths for small kitchen tasks which can be washed and reused. I don’t have a photo of these (bad blogger!), but imagine a pile of t-shirt squares carelessly zig-zagged in a casual ‘using up random thread’ colour scheme!

I’ll leave you with a shot from our weekend trip to the Yorkshire Dales. So pretty, and so relaxing. Just what we needed!

Linking up, as always, with WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced, hosted by Rebecca this week.

6 thoughts on “Squares within squares

  1. Welcome to the world of FMQing! I promise that it will get easier the more you practice! Also I’ve found (not withstanding a Paducah judge) that the only person that was worried about my FMQ stitches was ME! Everyone else just marvels at your beautiful work! can’t wait to see the finish!

  2. Those placemats are sharp. Hey – I’m collecting wonderful places in England to visit (which is where my daughter would like to go for our family vacation to celebrate her college graduation in a couple of years). Would you mind sharing tips about this gorgeous locale that you just visited?

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