A finished object!

That’s right, I finally finished my cutting mat bag. For a ‘simple’ project, this certainly took a lot of time and caused several headaches. Note to self: next time I think “That’s easy, I can wing that!”, take it as a warning sign.

Here’s the outside. I love that swirly tree fabric (Ikea, home dec weight). I made two sides (you can see them in this post), each a sandwich of swirly trees, a cheap fleece blanket for ‘wadding’ and a leaf print for the inside. I sort of bound them together to cover the raw edges and create a gusset for extra space (I didn’t cut my sides big enough).

I ‘quilted’ the outside fabric to the fleece following the swirly tree lines. It’s my favourite bit of the whole project 😀 I was worried I’d mess it up, but actually, this went perfectly first time (unlike all the ‘simple’ things like cutting bits the right size!).

There are pockets on the inside to hold rulers (you can see them better in this post), and the mat slips in between.

This was one of those projects where every simple little thing went wrong and had to be re-done or bodged improvised, but I got there in the end! It does the job it’s meant to and it looks cute, so I won’t argue 🙂

The final stages of this bag were causing a bit of a blockage in my sewing mojo. It just wasn’t going right, but I didn’t want to start a new project because I didn’t want to change the machine settings (lazy, right?). Now it’s done, I feel so much better and want to sew All The Things!

Linking up with Confessions of a Fabric Addict for a Whoop Whoop!, and TGIFF over at Stop That Owl this week.

6 thoughts on “A finished object!

  1. So glad that you finished your cute bag. What a fun bag and useful too. I’m sure you’ll get compliments every time you use it for a class or work session!

  2. Love that bag, what a great idea! And that fabric, yummmm. Doesn’t it feel good to push through those challenges and roadblocks and finish! Congrats!

  3. Oooh, I like that! I need to make one myself – thanks for making it look easy!! It’s so hard to carry those cutting mats and rulers – this is perfect! I love the IKEA fabric too – they have such wonderful prints! And speaking of cheap fleece, when Joann’s runs their fleece at a ridiculous sale price, I start haunting the remnants bin – where the fleece remnants are half off the sale price! We use it to back baby quilts, and sometimes as batting in small quilts. It’s great, and very economical that way!

    Whoop whoop!!

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