WIP Wednesday

Hey, look at that, I did some sewing! I finally finished my cutting mat bag (more in a later post), which had been causing a bit of a blockage with my mojo. That, and being away last week, meant very little sewing was happening around here. Which is a shame, because I have a ‘Want to do’ list as long as my arm:

  • Quilt for our spare (air) bed. A practise run before I work on…
  • Quilt for our super-king bed. The quilt that got me into this in the first place! I decided to start with smaller projects for practise.
  • Placemats. Our existing ones are a bit very grotty, and I’m afraid they’ll fall apart in the wash. I took advantage of Abakhan‘s recent sale and scored some fabric on clearance to make some new mats (Moda at 70% + off? Hell yeah!).
  • Hot pads. Our existing ones are as useful as a chocolate teapot. I’ll make some to match the placemats.
  • A table runner to match the new mats. Just because I want to experiment with Dresden wedges.

But first, a modifed Hexagon Park in Pezzy Print. I’m making this in a preemie size for Project Linus to practise machine-sewing hexagons. I finally got started on the piecing today and it felt so nice to make progress with something!


Linking up with WIP Wednesday over at Freshly Pieced, guest-hosted by The Busy Bean this week.

1 thought on “WIP Wednesday

  1. Sounds like you have quite the to-do list… like me! 🙂 Can’t wait to see what your hexagons look like all sewn up – – i thought the only way to do them was by hand, but now I can see how one would avoid that. very cool!

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