A new addition

All my sewing exploits thus far have been on a Toyota Jeans Plus/RS2000. I’ve had it (but not really used it) for a few years. It’s a perfectly adequate entry-level machine, but since I’ve been sewing more lately, I’ve been idly daydreaming about a nicer one. Something sturdier, less plasticky and clunky. Something I can easily maintain myself and that’s designed to last a lifetime.

I say ‘daydreaming’ because there just isn’t room in the budget for a modern machine that meets those specs. And then, oh dear. I read something in passing about well-engineered vintage sewing machines. And I casually looked on my local Craigslist, where I found one single, solitary machine listed locally. Some Googling and asking on a forum told me the answer was “GET IT”.

So here she is. My new Singer 431G. I went and had a look at her yesterday and fell in love. She purrs compared to my Toyota. All metal gears. Access panels so I can go in and grease those gears when necessary. Near-mint condition – it’s clearly been lovingly maintained and well looked after.

She even has all the original accessories – they’re well worth the price I paid on their own!

I’ve got a hard case, manual, 4 stitch plates (zig zag, straight, chain stitch and free motion), 4 special stitch cams, a load of bobbins, a seam guide and 8 presser feet: zig zag, zipper, ruffler, button, free motion embroidery, bias binder, rolled hem, and satin stitch. The ruffle foot looks like a lot of fun – I’m not a frills or ruffles person, but suddenly I want to put them on everything just so I have an excuse to make some!

She does chain stitch. I can set the stitch length precisely (I only have 3 built-in lengths on the Toyota). There’s a lovely wide sewing area to the left of the needle, and if I’m not mistaken, the harp space is bigger than my Toyota, too. And all this solidly-engineered wonderfulness was the same price as the Toyota. Bargain!

3 thoughts on “A new addition

  1. You are so lucky. I hope you got it at a great price. By the way, in regards to your Toyota machine, I’ve never heard of Toyota making a machine.

    • Toyota make a few machines (I think more here in Europe than the US), but I don’t think they have a high-end reputation. The Singer, on the other hand, is a classic that will last me quite some time, I think. It was £100 (about $150) – for all the bits that came with it, I think it’s well worth it!

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