Lessons and a WIP (or two)

I learned a lot on my Great Wadding Adventure. Firstly, I learned that not all fabric and thread are created equally. The neutrals I used were an ‘essentials’ brand from the quilt store and they were really very thin and flimsy, especially when compared with the Kona solids I used to make a colour-coding stripe on the back of each of the mini-mini quilts. I’ll pay more attention to fabric quality in the future.

For Baby’s First Quilt, I did the piecing with cotton thread from my partner’s grandmother’s stash. It drove me crazy – the thread broke very frequently. The same when piecing my mini-mini quilts for the wadding experiment (except it was vintage grandma polyester). I assumed this was because I’m a newbie and didn’t have things set up quite right. Then I picked up some Aurifil for my new project. Oh! The difference! It’s a much smoother ‘ride’ through the sewing machine, and no breaking! So much less frustrating!

I am absolutely sold on the value of good quality fabric and thread now, that’s for sure.

I had planned to work on a bag for my cutting mat this week, out of this pretty, swirly Ikea tree fabric:

But life handed me a big pile of cra lemons. And when that happens, I seek out bright! cheerful! things, so instead, I picked up a couple of Moda’s A Stitch in Color charm packs and some yardage, and am making a bright! cheerful! little quilt. It’s loosely based on this jelly roll project from Malka Dubrawsky, with a few adaptations. It’s coming along nicely!

(I promise those strips are the same length!)

Linking up to WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced, where Sukie is sitting in for the week.

7 thoughts on “Lessons and a WIP (or two)

  1. I really like the charm packs. I’m going to have to find that one. Welcome to trial and error. Been there many, many times. 🙂

  2. I bought two of those charm packs this past week and I am just kicking myself! Charm packs are so challenging to work with, LOL! There are so few options besides small patchworks! I have a vision, just need to see if I have enough to do it! I swear I will buy no less than fat quarters, ever again! (She says again…)

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